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Google I / O: Samsung Galaxy S4 "Google Edition"

Google I / O: Samsung Galaxy S4 "Google Edition". Announced at Google I / O 2013 a new version of the Samsung Galaxy S4, equipped with Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean and receive updates at the same time with the Nexus devices.

No new smartphone or tablet Nexus line on stage at the Google I / O 2013 (at least for the moment), but a version of "Google Edition" of the Samsung Galaxy S4, equipped with the operating system Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean. Therefore confirmed the rumor circulated on the Web only hours before.

The device will offer the same hardware sector of the phone launched by Samsung a few weeks ago: the same diagonal of the display, the same processor, same amount of RAM and internal memory for storage. The first significant difference, however, is represented by the fact that the product will be marketed directly by Bigg through the store Google Play. The launch is scheduled for June 26 in the U.S., priced at $ 649. No information about the arrivals in the other territories.

A particularly interesting result is the presence of the operating system version in stock, so no custom interface, applications or additional widgets. In other words, this particular edition of the Samsung Galaxy S4 will offer the same experience to which they are accustomed owners of a Nexus. More importantly, the smartphone will get updates as they become available, directly from bigg.

A demonstration of how the relationship between the South Korean giant and the group of Mountain View are increasingly tight. Samsung is now the main protagonist of the business related to the sale of Android devices and many have predicted a new partnership for the next Nexus device. Another detail not to be overlooked, the ad can also be seen as the intention to finally put remedy to the problem of fragmentation, always real Achilles heel of the platform is much work to be done, but such a move is certainly a good start.


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