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The new Nexus 4 available in the U.S.

The new Nexus 4 available in the U.S.
A second stock Nexus 4 has arrived on U.S. Google Play and apparently they go as fast as the first time. Customers were thrown on the 8GB model was quickly exhausted and the 16GB will soon follow the same path. For the lucky buyers were able to control their smartphone will be waiting long for and against Nexus 4 will probably not under the tree. Indeed, shipments will be sent in 6-7 weeks depending on the estimated Google.

If the Nexus 4 is again available in the U.S. it might also return shortly on Google Play French. It will then probably expect similar delivery times and patience to get his phone. By cons, we can also hope that Google has provided broad and deliveries will begin before as was the case during the first orders.
The new Nexus 4
The new Nexus 4 available in the U.S.
Google does not disclose the status of the stock and now we do not know if it encounters difficulties in producing its Nexus 4 sufficient or whether voluntarily restricted sales. Google is not expecting such a success or it does not do too much shade for other OEM partners who sell them also Android smartphones. Anyway, if you want to buy a Nexus 4 stay on the lookout he could return soon in stock and definitely will sell very quickly.


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