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Windows Phone 8 incompatible with the first of Nokia Lumia?

Windows Phone 8 incompatible with the first of Nokia Lumia?
This is the great fear for the next major update to the Microsoft mobile OS. The question is whether this inconsistency will affect all current Windows Phone. The impossibility to install Windows Phone Windows Phone 8 on current (7.x) seems to be confirmed. To the chagrin of user.

The facts. Last February, Eldar Murtazin of Mobile-review.com, argued that all current Windows phones are not compatible with the next major update of the OS.

A really bad news for users of the platform. For Windows Phone 8 must bring great innovations like the introduction of multi-core, screen sizes, the NFC, Skype. We then asked Marc Jalabert, director general public and Operators division at Microsoft. His answer was far from clear. "I do not answer. I can just tell you that we will have a value proposition for all, go soon."

A value proposition for all, ie the OS according to different terminals? Unable to learn more. But according to Les Echos, this rumor is true indeed, Nokia, main partner of Microsoft for Windows Phone.

Core problem?
All first smartphones range Lumia (which precisely is not known) may indeed not be compatible with Windows Phone 8. The cause: an architecture based on an NT kernel and not Windows CE.

The announcement is triply disadvantageous for both partners. Nokia, which is sinking financially, Lumia current sales may be impacted: why buy a smartphone that can not take this long awaited update?

"The incompatibility of current Lumia Windows 8 could affect consumer demand in the second and third quarter, causing a large depression in the sales of Nokia smartphones," said an expert from the daily-Exane BNP Paribas.

For Microsoft, it's also a great thorn in the side that could slow the growth of already slow Windows Phone. The OS is hard to surpass the 2% market share and some rumors suggest only 3.5 million Windows Phone elapsed since its launch, others counting on 11 million copies. In both cases, it's disappointing.

Again, the purchases could be deferred if the non-compatibility is confirmed. Especially if it concerns all Windows Phone launched to jour.Sur this point, the question remains.

Finally, this non-compatibility would be wholly inconsistent with the philosophy of Microsoft. Since the launch of Windows Phone, the publisher has highlighted the homogeneity of experience with terminals updated in a comprehensive and automatic. Objective, avoid fragmentation of the park to Android.

With a partition between WP7 and WP8, the goal would be missed. Contacted by us, Microsoft declined to comment.


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