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Orange launches NFC version of the Nokia 610 Lumia

Orange launches NFC version of the Nokia 610 Lumia
The problem causes "a loss of connectivity" of the terminal, which explains Nokia blames the operating system Windows Phone. It was too good to be true. But everything went well for Nokia smartphones with Windows Phone. The Lumia seem to sell well in Europe and the return of Finland in the U.S. with 900 Lumia seemed successful.

Indeed, just days after its launch, the 4G smartphone (an evolution of 800) was the top seller on Amazon. A first. Nokia could finally believe in a comeback win in the land of Uncle Sam, the country where it was always very present, outpaced by the competition.

A solution next week
But now comes a task spoil this pretty picture. This seems Lumia 900 suffers from a pretty bug causing loss of connectivity to the network and prevents access to data. Embarrassing for a smartphone.

Gartner does not tend to comment on the situation: "It is as if their engines had stalled at the start of a race when all the spotlight is on them," joked Carolina Milanesi, analyst, interviewed by Reuters.

Good news, Nokia does not, as some competitors, the ostrich and recognizes the problem. Still, the manufacturer blames his partner Microsoft.

The firm said in a statement and that the breakdown covers only the operating system and it is not related to the handset or the network. A solution should be found by April 16, explains the Nordic group.

Meanwhile, according to our colleagues at Cnet.com, Nokia offers a discount of $ 100 for all customers until 21 April. Reminder: the sale price with a 2 year contract is $ 99, which means in practice that Nokia is the selling price at 0.

Orange launches NFC version of the Nokia 610 Lumia
Microsoft for its part has not expressed but so far its Windows Phone suffered no particular fault. News that could break the current dynamics in Nokia smartphones, an essential dynamic to the group still far from an Apple or Samsung. Recall that the TV campaign for the Nokia 900 Lumia, who has just begun, says: "the time for smartphones beta (beta) is finished: Replace your Android beta for a" real "smartphone, the Lumia 900".


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