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Nokia: Lumia's encouraging start in the U.S.

Nokia: Lumia's encouraging start in the U.S.
Lumia of the 900 Finnish is at the top of the rankings of smartphone sales on Amazon. A first. Conquer the American market is strategic for Nokia. Historically minor player in the country, the Finnish hearing today to make a comeback through its range Lumia Windows Phone.

The group has launched a few days ago in the country Lumia 900, 800 evolution of 4G released in Europe. And as the old continent, it seems that the reception is good.

The terminal has indeed risen to the top spot for smartphone sales in the online commerce site. The blue version of the smartphone is the same second. Unprecedented success for Nokia.

Strongly supported by AT & T
To finally be on the U.S. market, Nokia and Microsoft have put the package in terms of advertising. And operator partners are not far behind. According to Ad Age, AT & T will spend $ 150 million to promote the smartphone. It's more for the Apple iPhone!

Remember also that according WPCentral, the world leader in mobile would be willing to pay $ 25 million to convince the U.S. operator AT & T to equip its employees free of Lumia 900 for professional use.

The idea is simple: to ensure that these employees use this smartphone on the workplace, namely the operator shops. Enough to give consumers ideas of passage that most vendors will use an iPhone, but Windows Phone

Nokia: Lumia's encouraging start in the U.S.
This is mainly to convince new buyers of smartphones, hesitating between industry giants. By flooding the media and the shops of its terminals, Nokia believes it can make a difference.

The initial marketing plan made by Nokia and Microsoft also provides financial incentives for resellers that could affect between 10 and 15 dollars per device sold. Also on the menu, specific training for retailers so that they recommend Windows Phone.


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