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Nokia Lumia: moderate success in Europe?

Nokia Lumia: moderate success in Europe?
Reuters highlights the difficulties that the new range of Nokia smartphones found in Europe. Shop for telephone operators, the association Lumia / Windows Phone does not seem to take.

Start marred in the United States because of a bug, falling share price of Nokia shares ... The new series of smartphones the Finnish manufacturer has a hard time convincing even if the manufacturer announces 2 million copies sold.

And it's not that Reuters say otherwise. The news agency published an article on Tuesday about the difficulties of Lumia Nokia 800 and 710 in Europe. And an example is a manager at a mobile operator in Europe anonymous: "No one comes to ask a smartphone running Windows Phone. "

He added: "If the Lumia was sold as is but with Android instead of Windows Phone, this would be much easier to sell. "It would appear that the operating system from Microsoft is one of the causes preventing the sale of Nokia devices.

Nokia Lumia: moderate success in Europe?
For example, lack of quality applications on the Windows Phone Marketplace does not particularly encourage users to want to change the operating system. Customers do not want to give up because the games and apps they have accumulated on Androit or IOS.


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