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CES 2012 - Nokia unveils Lumia 900, Windows Phone Mango and LTE

CES 2012 - Nokia unveils Lumia 900, Windows Phone Mango and LTE
Contradictory statements are multiplying, even within Microsoft. Microsoft will have to quickly communicate officially to the compatibility of Windows Phone current (7.5.x) with the next Windows Phone 8. Indeed, the rumor continues to grow, fueled by more or less official statements and perfectly contradictory throw trouble on the strategy of the Redmond company.

Since the launch of Windows Phone, the publisher has highlighted the homogeneity of experience with terminals updated in a comprehensive and automatic. Objective, avoid fragmentation of the park to Android.

But since the announcement of the significant upgrade to its mobile OS, nothing works. Last February, Eldar Murtazin of Mobile-review.com, argued that all current Windows phones are not compatible with the next major update of the OS. The cause: an architecture based on an NT kernel and not Windows CE.

Threats on sales
A really bad news for users of the platform. For Windows Phone 8 must bring great news. But Microsoft refused to comment. The rumor is also reflected by the always well informed Mary-Jo Foley of ZDNet.com evoking an update possible, but in each case.

A few days ago, another rumor from Nokia explains that the first Windows Phone Lumia would not support the new OS. Worse, on Wednesday, a source "close to Microsoft" The Verge breath that there will be no compatibility between current and future Windows Phone. Blame it on their lack of power.

However, a Portuguese representative of Microsoft says officially that the site Zwame all current Windows Phone should be able to receive the update to upgrade to Windows Phone 8.

"What I am authorized to say is that current devices will be upgraded to the next major version of Windows Phone,.

CES 2012 - Nokia unveils Lumia 900, Windows Phone Mango and LTE
Who to believe? Microsoft plays big risk in this case and in his silence to penalize the current sales of its handsets. "The incompatibility of current Lumia Windows 8 could affect consumer demand in the second and third quarter, causing a large depression in the sales of Nokia smartphones," said an expert with Echos Exane-BNP Paribas.

BusinessMobile.fr has repeatedly sought to learn more from Microsoft France, which currently refuses to make any comment.

When asked at the last Mobile World Congress in Barcelona in February, Lawrence Schlosser, director of Microsoft Mobile Operators and France, however, stated: "We can not discard the work of thousands of developers and users to current models of the foot the wall. We recognize our responsibility at this level. "

In our opinion, Microsoft would take a shot in the foot in case of total incompatibility. It is reasonable to assume that current models may be the most powerful upgraded. As for the other.


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