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Nokia Lumia 800, in-depth analysis

Nokia Lumia 800, in-depth analysis, The Nokia Lumia 800 is already on sale and we have had the opportunity to try this iconic smartphone that the Finnish manufacturer wants to conquer the mobile phone users more demanding. Analysis is difficult to make a phone whose operating system is no different from other models and other manufacturers working with Microsoft. But the Nokia Lumia 800 is a unique mobile both for its software as its hardware and in this analysis we are going to explain why.

The box and its contents
Let's start with the box and its contents. The phone comes in a compact, recyclable cardboard. Inside the box are the Nokia Lumia 800, stereo headset control button, a charger and USB data cable, a soft case the color of the phone and a quick start manuals in several languages. We can say that for the first time Nokia incorporates a removable charger: USB data cable for PC is both the charging cable. Furthermore it is noted that Nokia has included a holster on the contents of the box, and this is of very high quality and perfectly adapted to the phone.

The headset that comes in the box also deserve a mention. It has a single button that lets you control the music player Zune. Pressing once the music stops (or starts playing) with two clicks you switch to the next song with three clicks and switches to the previous song. Also the headset has a modern, attractive design and offers excellent sound quality.


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