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Nokia Launch Windows Phone

Nokia Launches Phone-Based Windows
Nokia telecom equipment manufacturers continue to make reforms in the manufacture of its flagship mobile products. In order to compete in the midst of smart phones, Nokia launched the Windows Phone Nokia.

Media I4UNews announce on Wednesday (10 / 8), large-scale marketing will be done to introduce Windows-based Nokia mobile phones. Unfortunately, sophisticated mobile phones made by the Finnish company only sold in the United States.

Nokia Launches Phone-Based Windows
Chris Weber, President of Nokia USA said, the application on Windows mobile phones from Nokia like the features that are provided in the mobile phone is sophisticated.
Nokia Launches Phone-Based Windows
However, Nokia did not specify the time of the launch of the latest phones. According to reports, a very exclusive mobile phone it should even be purchased through operator assistance.

Nokia Windows has a variety of unique applications which will spoil its users. One of them, the mobile version of Skype for Windows Phone. Windows mobile phone was made after Nokia entered into a collaboration with Microsoft software technology company in February. Just wait for Nokia Launches Phone-Based Windows.


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