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Tracking iPhone: Apple's answer

Tracking iPhone: Apple's answer - In the days behind the news of Easter was a bit shocked 'all: the iPhone track users by allowing Apple to know where they are and especially what they do with their mobile. After a tug of rumors, Apple has finally responded to these rumors with a press release explaining its position and denies exactly what transpired.

The file which tracks the movements of users on 3G iPhone is called iPad consolidated.db but Apple has made it known, is used if and only if users have problems with their device and is used only if it is consumers who request assistance and therefore in fact agree to verification of your machine.

Apple also said that the information will remain anonymous and are used to provide better guarantees for applications used by users as has also specified in the policy which states that "services to provide location-based products on their products, Apple and its partners may collect, use and share your precise location data, including real-time geographic location of your computer or terminal. "

Despite this, Apple has also made known that it will soon be an update of the operating system iOS 4 that will allow you to record less information in the file consolidated.db and that the file itself is encrypted dramatically with the next operating system upgrade .

As regards the registration of the user's location with location services turned off, Apple has announced that it is a bug that will be corrected in the future.

It now expects the official response to Google accused to locate and track the movement of people who use Android for now and that has only declared off the record that the navigation history is stored only for a week and only if the user has accepted.


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