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Blackberry Outage

Blackberry Outage - Unfortunately BlackBerry outages are becoming common nowadays. This afternoon our tip box was overloaded with users who wanted to know why your BlackBerry Messenger was not working. Then, we have received more tips BlackBerry e-mail was down and this cut also affect web browsing, so I knew something was wrong.

Further investigation indicated that other services were not working as well as many popular third party applications that need access to the Internet. Oddly enough a new BlackBerry Messenger ( was released during the downtime. This is what happened during the last stop is only a week ago. In fact, this is the third stop of BPI important that we had this month, but this is certainly the largest.

Blackberry Outage
At this time the BlackBerry cutting seems to be still in force which means that the BIS has been down for over 4 hours now. I do not know exactly what is causing these problems, but we expect RIM to launch some kind of statement, especially after it.


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