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Nokia E61 Repair Techniques

Nokia E61 Repair Techniques, There will be no end if we deal with mobile phone repair techniques, you can imagine in a month if there are five types of phones that even 10 is issued, all of which are distinct lines and shapes, it will be different ways to handle it. This means there will be many kinds of repair techniques for various types of mobile phones.

For this edition, we discussed the damage suffered by the Nokia E61, a latest Nokia mobile phone that looks similar to a PDA. Here are some problems that can occur on the Nokia E61:

Damage Path Switch On / Off
At this damage the phone normally can not be turned on by pressing the switch on off. But, if connected with a charger, this phone will bring up an image filling the screen, which means the program as well as other components are still functioning properly. Or, you can use the flasher tool, restart the phone in the normal state, restart in normal mode. If checking the above went well, but the phone still can not turn on normally, then we need to check the on off switch channels.

Nokia E61 Repair Techniques

Power Switch is a button to turn on the phone, with code S4401 is connected with component R4406 as a prisoner. You can measure from the edge switch to R4406, if you can dial broken, but if the line is not broken, then the R4406 is problematic components on the route to Vilma IC or IC Power. If the IC is damaged, then you can re-soldering. If not successful then the IC must be replaced.

Damage joystick
In addition to the keypad buttons, this phone is also equipped with a joystick for menu settings and other functions. If there is damage to the joystick, then to choose a dynamic menu becomes difficult, such as the selection menu in the middle or running applications.

Joystick is regulated by components or IC, located close to the MMC slot or called drivers. If the driver lifted his foot or something was to connect the functions of the joystick to be disturbed.

To fix this, first try at soldering or re-heated with hot water or soldered back on its feet. If it does not work then we need to replace the component.

Damage to the LCD IC
For setting the LCD this phone has two components as a liaison between the LCD and CPU, as a path component that serves to convey signals from the CPU to display on the LCD screen. If you do not damage the LCD can display images or usually if both components there legs apart the LCD will be striped or blurred images, and even display only a white screen.

The first step if the phone is a symptom of damage to the LCD make it a habit to check the cables connected to the connector and check its legs because it uses the foot copper connectors attached to the PCB. If sprawl try re soldered the legs.

Secondly, fix the program because the program was also influential for displaying images on the LCD. You can use the tool's first flasher unlock, if not managed better at re-format (in-Flash).

If the second step still does not work, you can try to heat both components attached to its legs again, or try re-elected and installed.

However, if the component is damaged it must be replaced, but if the component is no substitute, you can perform a simple way to connect the path component as shown below. Do it with caution not to get the wrong path, because the LCD could be dead or blank.


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