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The Advertising Campaigns of iPod and iPod Video

The Advertising Campaigns of iPod and iPod Video

The ipod gives, besides an interesting expert phylogenesis, an original and innovational means of advertizing and advert, which dissents a la mode and catchwords from the 1st advertisings of the first coevals of iPods, to the most late iPod video advertising campaigns. The first crusades focused upon the new production pushed both the iPod and iTunes steels. These advertising campaigns were passed by the shibboleth A thousand songs, in your pocket, which was plunged in Nov 2001. The colours which were chosen for the 1st iPod drives were alert and full of alive : aqua, cyclamen purpurascenses, bright grass gullible and other joyful niceties were taken to act the thought of both music and telecasting, implying both ocular and auditory sensations.

The wrapping ad was utilised, at the same time with the other and more traditional types of BTL advert : there were diverse weak rail enwraps in busy midpoints or midtowns, utilising the same ocular subject matter as the standards. Big standards and hoardings were exhibited in diverse busy centres, with high visibility. The promotional material was intense, frontward and dynamical, with simply intense and optimal quality for all the chemical elements : the colours were lifelike, the factual advertisements were big and the interpreted pictures were active. The TV advertisings were concentrated upon the musical theme of music, saltation and mobility and the textual matter of these was precisely confined to the catchword of the production and of the Apple blade (Think percipient).

In 2003, the new ad campaign that Apple brought in was due to the junction with the launching of the iTunes euphony storehouse. The cause centered largely on the interpretation of popular vocals by different individuals busting iPods. This cause was a large striking, due to the fact that it was based on celebrated pappa, stone and articulatio coxae hops songs, belonging to creative persons such as Eminem or Pinko.

Subsequently that yr, in Oct 2003, iPod exhausted a new series of advertizings, based on the silhouette drive, which was the foot for most of the print advertizings, like standards, hoardings and twines, still from the visual aspect of the first coevals of iPods : the paradigms fundamentally rendered black silhouettes of citizenries tripping the light fantastic while getting into iPods. This novel drive was made based on the same intense colouring materials and active ikons like the first drive. Even more, the success of the drive was owed to the popularity of the performed music, such as The Vines' Ride, The Caesars' Saccade it Out, Gorillaz' Feel Good Inc., Steriogram's Walkie Talkie Man, Jet propelled plane's Are You Gonna Be My Young lady, Propellerheads' Take California, Ozomatli's Saturday Night, NITROGEN * EINSTEINIUM * RADIUS * D's Rock Star (Jason Nevin's Premix), Franz Ferdinand's Take Me Out or Daft Punk's Technologic.

With the dismissal of the new iPod television, the ikon of the production and its packaging got to change. The shibboleth of the new production was One more thing..., intending the new and expected video characteristic, which was a large plus comparing with the latest modelling of 2005. The ads for this new production were focused on the video acting capablenesses of the device. Really, the advert had U2's Archetype of the Species from the Lightheadedness : Live From Chicago DVD. Based on the same melodic theme, there were 2 more televisions which boasted Eminem and Wynton Marsalis. Stock still, at the same time, the advertising which was giving the dance silhouettes proceeded, but it was altered into something more representative for the new television device : the settings were not simple intense colouring materials any longer, they were textured and had diverse designs, typifying the phylogeny pertaining the simulacrum and the telecasting properties of the new framework of iPod. The 2 versions of the tvs having the 2 popular creative persons rated from an orangish urban melodic theme of the rose hip hops music to a cool grim 1 of the jazz spirit.

The latest iPod advertisement, exhausted in Marching 2006 is not based on the silhouette expressive style any longer ; rather, the producers chose for a telecasting showing diverse COMPACT DISC covers, incorporating in an iPod nano, under the same older shibboleth A thousand vocals, in your pouch.


  1. For me iPods are just over hyped devices! I prefer creative products while coming to music.


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