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Nokia E90 Communicator

Nokia E90 Communicator
Category: Computers & Electronics
Product Type: Cell-Musical
Manufacturer: Nokia
Opening the E90 box is packed in a small box and luxury. Inside there are: Nokia E90 Communicator, Battery BP-4L 1500 mAh, memory 512 MB microSD card with SD adapter, stereo headset HS-47, USB cable DKE-2, AC-4E charger, user manual, quick guide and a DVD disc with presentation E90 and PC Suite software. Unfortunately, desk stand or carrying case not included.

Appearance E90 weighs 210 g. Its size is perfect, with the same width as 9500 (57 mm) and height (132 mm) and depth (20 mm) is equal to 9300/9300i. Large enough to provide room for a very large screen and keyboard is fantastic but small enough not to be referred to as bricks. Imagine 9300 (i) with a wider version slightly. The only parameters that are not so satisfying is its weight, but it is indeed a powerful PDA and not a toy, and also much lighter E90 still nearly double than devices based on Windows Mobile which has similar capabilities, for example the HTC Advantage weighs almost 400 g. How it looks?

In short, FANTASTIC. The shape is very professional and very stylish at the same time. Depending on the color version, E90 dark brown (almost black) or red with shiny silver frame surrounding the display and keypad, black, silver keys and hinges of the large metal, sturdy and coated with chrome. Forget the plastic hinges are weak and fragile than previous models. And not just the hinges, all of these devices made using materials of high quality. It was squeaking voice, or the parts are weak or off would be difficult to find. E90 does not seem to support Xpress can be replaced, but you can choose from two different colors. In December 2006, there was a version that has the overall silver color but not produced, so there may be no other color versions as well. Resolution of the external screen is a QVGA (240x320 pixels, 16 million colors) and the size is 30x40 mm.

For the first time, the external screen is not merely a & ldquo; display cover & rdquo; a simple phone functions are very limited but it works fine, providing access to all functions and applications of these devices. This means that the external screen you can not only access all your data and run all system applications (such as calendar, Internet browser, Messaging) but also all the applications installed. There is absolutely no restrictions, the external screen will give you access to ALL the things that can be found on the internal screen. Changing the screen is very easy, simply lift the lid and your applications are running on the small screen will appear on the big screen, and vice versa. You also can set to always switch to the Activity screen (standby) when you close it so you can directly call without having to switch to the Activity screen manually. Switch between screens are also almost directly - series for about 1 second. Display interface can be arranged and all applications and interface elements automatically adjust to the size and proportions of different screens and almost imperceptible.

The screen is very bright and has a small pixel so that the resulting picture quality is very good. By using the "bulb" that is on the internal keyboard you can set the level of information from the internal screen (divided into 4 levels). The level of information from the external screen can be set in the Settings by using a slider (4 levels). External phone keypad has large buttons that box, with a slightly rounded convex shape in the middle. These buttons are better than 9500 buttons that vibrate and form different but slightly worse than 9300/9300i keypad with larger keys and a large enough distance between each button. But on the whole is very good keypad with touch feedback is appropriate. Zero button wireless internet symbol (long press to activate the Web browser). Hash key (#) let you quickly change the profile that was used with silent profile. Button also functions as the Edit button that lets you select (by using the rocker button) and Copy / Paste the text. On the right side of the external screen is a little light as a sensor to adjust the light from the phone keypad. Beneath the screen are two soft keys and a menu button "C", the Green / Red Send and End keys and the 5-way rocker in the middle. 5-way rocker consists of a frame-shaped silver box and a big black button in the middle. Its use is also very easy, certainly easier than on the previous Communicator and also better than the joystick that is on most S60 smartphones. Power button located right above the external screen is used to change the profile and to turn on and off devices. Unlike in the previous Communicator, now the Power button turn on / off BOTH parts. If you want to turn off the GSM radio and continue to work with PDAs, select the profile "Offline" (you can still enable Bluetooth and WLAN in the Offline mode and external display will remain fully functional).
The rear of E90 more occupied by the battery cover. The battery is 1500 mAh type BP-4L new and provides 5 hours of talk time and up to 14 days standby. And the result is very good: one hour to see the Web or GPS navigation on a big screen with the highest level of information will only spend one box (of seven) of the battery. It should be mentioned that unlike 9500, you do not need special techniques or tools to open the battery cover; now they can be opened quickly and easily. Close the battery is made of metal. On the lid of the battery is 3.2 Megapixel autofocus camera with LED flash, and two stereo speakers. The camera provides high quality for both still images (2048x1536 pixels) and video (VGA, 640x480 pixels @ 30 frames per second). In short, you can expect quality pictures with digital cameras and video clips with actual television quality.

At the bottom of the phone there is a slot USB Mini-B (USB 2.0 Full Speed, no USB charging), charger connector and audio connector (2.5 mm jack). Although called A / V connector on some official Nokia press release, connector only provides audio output and E90 do not have TV out, which is very regrettable.
On the right side below the connector, there is a MicroSD memory card slot (with hotswap support) is protected with a lid. On the right is an infrared port device and two buttons: Voice dialing button / Push-to-Talk and the camera button.

Now let us open the lid and saw the center of comunicator - the internal screen and full QWERTY keyboard. And that's what you would most like the E90. With a resolution of 800x352 pixels (24 bit, 16.7 million colors) and the physical dimensions of 90x40 mm (4 "diagonally) that is one of the biggest screen you can find on a smartphone. Despite having 800x352 pixels less than 640x480 (VGA), a large proportion of E90 makes a better screen to browse the web and editing documents than what you experienced in VGA display Windows Mobile. E90 screen is not touch-sensitive, but it was not required because the S60 platform is used in E90 is maximized for keyboard controls. Communicator is used to always have a large screen and maximized great to see the web, send messages and word processing, but the E90 is very unusual. You will love the size, sharpness and clarity that provides. Working with him was fun, even with direct sunlight, thanks to the anti-reflective coating.

E90 screen content can still be seen clearly in lighting conditions that make the laptop screen is almost completely invisible. On both sides there is an internal screen buttons. On the left you can find the Send / End commonly used to start / receive / reject / end phone calls. The Send button, depending on the current application, can also be used to quickly perform the function "Send To". Button "End" in red serves to move to the screen Activity (standby) the screen quickly, closing all active applications simultaneously. On the right side of the screen are two soft keys that have the same functionality as the two seed functions are buttons below the external screen - they changed their function and depends on the application. On the left, above the Send / End, a secondary video camera with low resolution (QCIF) for video calls only.

When opening the lid there are two "stops": at about 90 degrees and fully flat 180 degrees, but the lid can be set at whatever angle you want and it will stay there thanks to hinges made of solid metal. Because the lower part of the E90 is heavier than the lid, you can safely set the lid at any angle and it will not be overturned your device. The keyboard has the same height as the keyboard 9500 and the same width as the keyboard 9300

Moreover, unlike the flat buttons 9500 and 9300, E90 buttons made a little round convex and has a shape that will make you clearly know where each key beginning or end.

In addition, the main part of the keyboard with letters and numbers slightly raised. Enter key is very large and almost square - you certainly can find it easily. The response from the touch of a QWERTY keyboard SO GOOD, better than the previous Communicator. And finally given the backlight keyboard. Backlight can be easily ignited or turned off by using the "Bulb" (the same button that when pressed together with the description Chr set the screen). On your keyboard, there are two "My Own" which allow you to run applications quickly or frequently used preferences, and provides a shortcut (by using the Chr key) to turn on / off Bluetooth, InfraRed, Multimedia volume control and call volume and profile. Internal keyboard has a beautiful appearance and the same professionals as a whole device: all black with white letters and blue symbols and the QWERTY part is separate from the Application shortcut buttons (Desk, Contacts, Messaging, Web, Notes, Calendar, My buttons can be configured Own and the S60 Menu button) with a line of elegant sparkling silver. 5-way rocker button is also comprised of an internal frame and a sparkling silver button large black center. They are stable, precise, sensitive (but not too sensitive like the joystick 9300) and very easy to use, with the central button clearly separated from the frame 4 directions around him.

Both internal and external rocker respond very nice touch and sound very clear click. It is very important, especially because the E90 does not have a keyboard arrow keys are separate, which means that the rocker is the only existing controller. What is this? E90 is not only an attractive-looking device with a large screen and the keyboard is fantastic. He is one of the mobile devices the most advanced ever made, providing a high power processor and supports almost all modern mobile technologies. Forget all the delays are not favored (white screen) when running the application in 9500 - the user interface of the E90 to work smoothly and transfers between the application or menu screens going at once; making contacts no longer requires 40 seconds; data transfer speed is no longer dependent on the speed of EDGE .

E90 has a modern processor TI OMAP2420 (ARM11 architecture) with a speed of 330 MHz. It's the same with the processor that can be found on the Nokia N93 and N93i, N95 or N800 Internet Tablet is strong. And that's really fast! GLBenchmark shows results similar performance for the E90 and N95 (CPU Float Performance 893 vs.. 894, CPU Integer Performance 3615 vs.. 3617). E90 seems to be slower than the N95 in graphics tests but still are far ahead of other smartphones that are available.


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