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Nokia N900 Launched in March 2010 in Indonesia

As in our previous news, the latest Nokia N900 mobile phone is rumored to be sliding in Indonesia at the end of this February 2010. Recently reported the latest news on events kompas.com Showcase Nokia 2010 in Bangkok Thailand who preach that the world's first mobile phone with Maemo OS is present in Indonesia in March 2010.

N900 itself informed were registered in January 2010 and Indonesia, along with Motorola Milestone. Nokia N900 is the flagship Nokia phone to be able to compete with the phone with other Opensource OS, especially Android phone. Nokia also has prepared applications - applications that are now in the hundreds along with the launch later. Reportedly "online market" will be available that was developed by Nokia Ovi Store and Maemo application developers.

Nokia N900 Launched
Nokia N900 is a series of advanced mobile / High End of Nokia which rely on some excellent features like 3.5-inch screen 16jt color TFT touchscreen, a sliding qwerty keyboard, A8 600MHz ARM processor, Maemo 5 OS, 32GB of internal memory, 5 megapixel camera with AF, GPS, Wifi and 3G support for HSPA.

Nokia N900 in the previous news filled by a variety of applications, especially games and emulators to run 3D games. Nokia N900 also the world's first mobile phone that supports the popular Firefox browser application.

I wonder what the price for the Nokia N900 will launch on time?.


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